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Survey Camp Report

Coordinates :   29.395°N 79.449°E

Country :  INDIA
State :   Uttarakhand
District : Nainital
Elevation :   2,084 m

Fog Harvesting
 Effective Utilization of Hybrid Energy In A Smart City

Phase 1 :
Atmospheric Water Generator

Phase 2 :
Use Of Hybrid Energy in Smart City


Industrial Training Report For The Partial Fulfillment Of Requirements For Bachelor Of Technology(Civil)

Batch Mix Plant , Ramgarh (HRY)


Up-gradation of Road
NH-1 to Bhalsi (PNP)
(Road Id -8196+8179)

Industrial Training Report

Bhalsi -Panipat

My AutoCAD Certification Project (Rendered Images)

Great Western Railway Jersey Road,UK.

The Great Western Railway road motor services operated from 1903 to 1933, both as a feeder to their train services, and as a cheaper alternative to building new railways in rural areas. They were the first successful bus services operated by a British railway company.


Faced with an estimate of £85,000 to build a light railway to serve the area south of Helston in Cornwall, the Great Western Railway decided to test the market with bus services on the route. They managed to acquire two vehicles that had been used temporarily on a Lynton and Barnstaple Railway service. The service proved so popular and profitable that further routes were soon established at Penzance and Slough.

By the end of 1904, 36 buses were in operation, 10 more than were in service in London. When the Great Western Railway (Road Transport) Act was passed in 1928 the Great Western had the largest railway bus fleet. This Act regularised the railway's operation of road services and also paved the way for them to be transferred out of the railway's control to bus companies, although the railway was to be a shareholder in these companies and there would still be an effort to co-ordinate to road and rail services.

A4 Great West Road / Jersey Road

Proposed to install a new signal-controlled ‘staggered’ toucan crossing across Great West Road, 20 metres to the west of Jersey Road. To achieve this, suggestions to create a safe waiting area by widening the central reservation, while maintaining the three lane approach on the south side of the Great West Road. Provided a shared pedestrian/cycle area at the crossing points and a suitable gradient at the crossing for all users, particularly pushchairs and wheelchairs users.

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